Cyclone Hudhud: Pray and Help

Cyclone Hudhud pounded the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha with heavy rain and winds.

Cyclone Hudhud roared across India's coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha leaving widespread damage to trees and buildings and killing at least six people despite a massive evacuation effort in the coastal states of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.

The state government has not officially determined the cost of damage, but or 100 billion rupees (around ‚Äč$1.632 billion U.S. dollars), The Times of India reported.

According to the BBC, , uprooting hundreds of trees and bringing down power lines. The storm has since weakened but continues to deliver high winds and drenching rain.

Images on social media show trees and power lines snapped like twigs and debris strewn across city streets.

Visakhapatnam Airport sustained severe damage and all flights in and out of were canceled, according to reports on social media.

Transportation continued to remain on hold. Trains were canceled, and National Highway-16, which connects Chennai to Kolkata and passes through the Port City, remained shut down.

During the cyclone, winds with 195-200kmph speed have been reported causing uprooting of a lot of trees. The wind has also damaged electrical poles and mobile towers. Due to fall of electric poles, electricity and communication network have been effected in the area.

The cyclone, which crossed the Visakhapatnam coast, seems to be in a period of lull in the first hour, but people should follow the advisory as it may suddenly aggravate later, officials said.

Uprooted trees, torn roofs of hutments and sheds and snapped electric cables bore testimony to the impact of severe cyclonic storm Hudhud.

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